ELEGANCE-MATTE - Lipstick By Imani
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Product Type: Liquid to Matte

Elegance Matte is a velvet creamy liquid lipstick that’s long-lasting and lightweight, highly pigmented gives all-day wear, dries to a Matte and will not feather your lips. 

Customer Reviews

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The Best Red Matte!

This is the best red matte lipstick I've ever worn. As a former employee at Sephora, I've had the chance to try many matte red lipsticks and I must say, this one is the best. It's not thick, gooey and gummy. It's thin, but the pigment is rich and it glides on smoothly. I didn't feel like I had on any lipstick at all. I did moisturize my lips beforehand as matte lipsticks tend to dry out and sometimes even with moisturizing the lipstick would still dry out on my lips. Not this time... my lips were soft and supple.
The best part was when I drank some bottled water. Not a single stain was on the bottle! It's the perfect shade of red (for me). I didn't even line my lips with a dark lip pencil to darken the red- it was perfect as-is.


I purchase ELEGANCE-MATTE and I fell in love with it instantly! I just love love love my lipstick by Imani! In my opinion it's the best out there (even better than MAC lol). Normally when I wear matted lipstick my lips dry up causes the lipstick to get chalky BUT this one stayed on the entire time and my lips remained beautiful and succulent all day! My lipstick was literally popping all day!! :)

Best Lipstick ever!

Every time I wear this lipstick I get so many compliments, a must buy.

I Love Elegance!

The elegance lipstick is one of my new favorite things! It goes on very smooth and the red is so vibrant. This fierce is a beautiful color as well.

LBI Get's Red Right Everytime

Every time LBI releases a red color I always purchase and each time the red is popping! I get compliments all the time. The color is creamy going on and it's long-wear so I don't have to worry about it coming off right away.